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How to choose Sympathy and Funeral Flowers 02 Mar 2015

Here we suggest some helpful guidelines in response to the most typically asked questions related to sending flowers for sympathy or to a funeral.

Sending flowers in memory of the deceased to the funeral home is a thoughtful way to demonstrate your thoughts and condolences to the family. It would be suggested to perhaps choose a standing floral spray to be displayed near the casket or else a tasteful funeral bouquet in a vase or basket to be placed at the foot of the altar.

Please know that it is never too late to send an arrangement to express your sympathy. Even if you have only just heard the news and the funeral services has already taken place, it is still acceptable to send a flower arrangement.

You don't need to know a lot about flowers in order to choose which type of sympathy flower arrangement you should send.  All flowers are appropriate for sympathy when tastefully arranged. Most commonly you will find that flowers with a larger more dramatic appearance are used for striking, more majestic bouquets such as standing sprays or casket cover arrangements. Floral arrangements with smaller, more delicate flowers are more suitable to be sent to the family's home.

Sending flowers for sympathy is not solely limited to just the friends and family of the deceased. Co workers and business acquaintances may want to express their support for the family too and choosing the appropriate floral arrangement will express your support in a subtle, warm hearted way.

While many feel more comfortable to send subdued arrangements, it is also equally fitting to send a floral arrangement that celebrates the joy and happiness that the deceased brought to both their own life and the lives of others.  Vibrant and colorful arrangements in shades of pink, yellow or red can serve as a joyful remembrance. Common choices are a bouquet in muted and pastel shade for a female co-worker suffering a loss, whilst a bouquet in bright colors can suit a male co-worker suffering a loss.